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Green roof construction will require additional materials to complete the projects, and Wallbarn can provide additional products to achieve this:

Green Roof Accessories


We provide a wide range of geotextile fabrics which can be used as filtration or separation layers as well as protection.



Aluminium edging bars are available in various heights including 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm or 200mm high to create a clear, straight edge to the vegetation, holding it in place whilst still allowing free drainage.


The weight of the green roof system or the pebble border (if installed) will usually hold the edging bars in place. If contractors wish to fix the edging bars to the sub-deck they can pass fixings through the holes pressed along the base of the edging bar (care should be taken no to puncture any waterproofing membranes, however).

Green Roof Accessories

This right angled strip is perforated along the vertical edge to allow the water to run unaffected through the system, and does not need to be fixed through the deck; the vegetation or pebble border sits on top, ballasting horizontal base section. Wallbarn supplies these strips in 2.4 metre long lengths. Also available are straight connectors to secure each individual length together in a line and corner sections which will secure edging bars at corners and turns securely together.


Some green roof installations will require periodic fertilizer. Wallbarn can supply a range of liquid fertilizers together with full application instructions.

Hard landscaping

Most green roof installations will require some sort of hard landscaping areas to support foot traffic or garden furniture.

Timber decking

Wallbarn supplies a large range of timber decking and paving solutions. Our timber decking tiles offer a fast and easy way to install real hardwood timber, installed in conjunction with our ASP support pads.

Green Roof Accessories

Wallbarn offers solutions for long plank decking, and can supply both treated softwood and hardwood decking planks in a number of different species. We can supply FSC certified timber and have ingenious hidden fixings available, meaning the wood screws do not pass through the top of the decking and so are not visible from above. This produces a much more luxurious finish.

Green Roof Accessories

This decking is mounted onto TD adjustable support pads, TD Mobile supports or TD Megapads.


Green Roof AccessoriesWallbarn can supply a range of paving slabs and tiles, suitable for many different applications and budgets.
We can supply cost effective pressed concrete slabs, as well as more specialist promenade tiles which have been manufactured for suspending on ASP support pads.

We have pressed concrete and super-hard porcelain promenade tiles available, as well as sawn natural stone flags in a number of sizes.

Green Roof Accessories

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