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How To Build Paving Up To Walls

Paving up to walls is easy using mini bases.

150mm Wide Baseplates
How To Construct a Suspended Paving System

Most roofs are built-to-falls for drainage purposes. Where the level between the door threshold and the drainage outlet is significant, where the roof falls in more than one direction, where large drops or channels are present, or where there are multiple and complicated changes in the fall and levels across the roof – then the ASP range of Adjustable Support Pedestals are the perfect tools.

ASP Adjustable Paving Support Pedestals
How to install paving pedestals

This video highlights the best technique for fixing paving using the ASP units.

Whilst not always obvious, the technique on having pedestals under 3 corners of the slab, then sliding the 4th pedestal under the final corner and winding it up until it bites, then using the spirit level to ensure everything is flat, is best practice.

ASP Adjustable Paving Support Pedestals
How To Fix a Suspended Paving System

More roof and balcony designs incorporate a completely flat upper surface in order to utilise them more effectively as leisure areas. More attractive paving with spirit-level-flat finishes can be achieved using a much larger variety of different stone and slab shapes using our ASP supports.

ASP Adjustable Paving Support Pedestals
Laying Paving Slabs Using Wallbarn Adjustable Pedestals

Short video showing how to lay paving slabs using ASP paving pads.

ASP Adjustable Paving Support Pedestals