Metal Plates for Edging for Paving

//Metal Plates for Edging for Paving
Metal Plates for Edging for Paving 2018-02-27T15:45:28+00:00

Wallbarn is introducing a new tool in 2017 to help installers of paving to set their slabs directly up to the wall.


The new Metal Edging Plate is a supporting beam which is laid onto the headpiece of ASP or Megapad pedestals to support the end paving slab when it is butting directly against the wall or parapet.


The plate has a raised, curved edge which butts against the wall and braces the slab against the wall effectively.

The plate is held down by the weight of the two slabs laid on top of it and the pedestal and by jutting out it will support the two slabs which hang out over the headpiece of the pedestal. This removes any risk of the slab tipping up if people stand on the very edge of them.



Ask Wallbarn for more details on the edging plates and best practice for paving to walls and exposed ledges.