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Our range of outlets and drain connectors help ensure the waterproofing integrity of the roof deck is maintained around the drain holes and into the rainwater outlet pipe.
  • Drain connectors, outlets and collars are made in a number of different materials
  • It is essential that installers and specifiers select material compatible with the waterproofing system being laid
  • Certain materials are designed to be heat bonded to the membrane in a patch, while others are designed to be sandwiched between two layers of waterproofing
  • Some can be secured with bolts and seals, some cannot

The three types of outlets and collars available are:

  • TPE – Circular / Downpipe Outlets Corner Fittings and Collars For Bituminous Membranes
  • EPDM – High Performance Circular / Downpipe Outlets With Perforated Flange & Siphon Outlets
  • PVC – Circular / Downpipe Outlets, Corner / Parapet / Through Wall Outlets & Collars