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We supply several types of drain connector and roof outlet in superior quality EPDM
  • Drain connectors for circular downpipes, which are placed into pre-cast holes along the horizontal deck on the roof or podium
  • Corner fittings for holes on the junction of horizontal and vertical parapet wall, which usually run through the wall and into an HDPE drainpipe

Circular / downpipe outlets are designed to be secured around the drainage hole and sandwiched between two layers of waterproofing membrane. We supply a circular drain connector with a smooth flange, a circular drain connector with perforated flange, and our special Siphon outlet drain connectors to prevent bad odours from escaping through the drain.


EPDM Circular Outlet For Mechanical Fixing

Circular roof outlets are installed across the deck area approximately 25-30m2 apart. They are designed to be mechanically fixed or stuck with adhesive. They are suitable for bituminous or EPDM membranes.

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EPDM Circular / Downpipe Outlets With Perforated Flange

Circular roof manufactured with a perforated flange and a ribbed shank for more secure bonding. These are usually installed in a sandwich application with liquid bituminous memabranes.

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Corner / Parapet / Through Wall Outlets In EPDM For Mechanical Fixing

Corner fittings are installed where the horizontal deck meets the upstand, and connects into the inside of HPDE drainage pipes going out of and down the outside of the building.

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EPDM Special SIPHON Outlet

SIPHON CONNECTORS – Wallbarn offers a top quality, highly designed circular drainage outlet with a Siphon mechanism to ensure bad odours do not escape form the top of pipework.

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