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Wallbarn manufactures a range of products in TPE, a semi-flexible compound containing polypropylene and EPDM. It is strong and durable, resistant to UV and ambient waterborne chemicals and salts.

Circular Roof Outlets

Circular roof outlets are installed across the deck area approximately 25-30m2 apart. They are manufactured with a perforated flange for secure bonding.
They are placed into pre-cast holes along the horizontal deck on the roof or podium.

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Corner Fittings

Corner fittings available for holes on the junction of horizontal and vertical parapet wall, usually running through the wall and into HDPE drainpipe.

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Collars are used to seal raised, exposed pipes (such as foul air pipes) which emerge through the deck. It is essential that the HDPE drainpipe is sealed properly at the point it goes through the deck to ensure that no water can get underneath the waterproofing membrane and into the internal shaft.

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