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Wallbarn roof vents, also called aerators, are designed to help aerate the concrete slab beneath, and help the structure to breathe


All concrete will retain an element of moisture within its mass after the construction process, and it is important that once the roof is waterproofed, there is not risk of this retained moisture does not bulge out of the top of the structure and cause the waterproof seal to bubble, blister or even burst. The vent is designed to draw this moisture away from the concrete slab.

We have vents manufactured in both TPE and PVC for different waterproofing membranes. Please follow the link here to a compatible product.

There are two designs of hood / flue – a standard round cap; and a special ESTRAER® funnel shaped hood. This comprises two conical funnels which join up at a central hole at the top of pipe, and create an extra suction on the pipe, helping to draw out a greater amount of vapour and air from the concrete.

Double aerators are designed for insulated roofs and comprising two separate vents, one placed above and one below the insulation layer and completely sealed and boned around.