Special ESTRAER Aerator – To Fit TPE and PVC Shafts

////Special ESTRAER Aerator – To Fit TPE and PVC Shafts
Special ESTRAER Aerator – To Fit TPE and PVC Shafts 2017-10-26T17:04:32+00:00
The new Estraer® ventilation hood is a major advance in extracting moisture from the structure. It dramatically increases the amount of vapour drawn out from the concrete

Wallbarn can now offer an ingenious new aerator device to fit onto standard vents.

The ESTRAER® aerator hood is a cone-shaped device designed to increase the amount of moisture sucked out of the concrete structure, drawing a far greater amount of vapour than the traditional cap. It can be used with both TPE and PVC vents shafts, and it tough and durable, but very easy to fit.

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The ESTRAER® cap is clicked onto the shaft of the vent and the two cone-shaped trunks are positioned so that they face the prevailing wind direction. There is a small cylinder on the inside of the head which acts as a suction chamber and helps, as the air moves through the cones, to draw vapour up and into the funnels above. This internal mechanism acts as a flue and helps to suck up a far greater amount of moist air through the shaft and out through the funnels.

The cones can be fitted onto all the different sizes and types of vent shaft available, and are suitable for both TPE and PVC vents. They should be ordered at the same time as the vent shaft.

The special ESTRAER® cap is measured so that D1 is the diameter of the cap at the bottom (where is slots onto the pipe); D2 is the diameter of the funnels at each side; and H is the overall height of the cap including the funnels.

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These hoods will fit onto both the TPE vents and PVC vents.