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Protecto-drain is a range of protection and drainage membranes made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) or polypropylene. Protecto-drain is used for landfills, protection of foundation walls, subterranean drainage, resistance to rising damp, soil stabilisation and green roof applications.

These tough, flexible membranes are manufactured with a cupped profile, which increases the strength and drainage capability of the material.

Wallbarn offers a number of different types of Protecto-drain, with different thicknesses, cup size and coverings, depending on the type of application. Please click onto the links below for more details:

Protecto-Drain 8


Protecto-drain 8 is a tough, flexible damp proof membrane used as a protection, waterproof and drainage layer for use on foundation walls, subterranean structures and basement floors.
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Protecto-Drain G8


Protecto-drain G8 is used for subterranean applications and foundation walls where a greater degree of drainage and protection is required on the vertical plane.
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Protecto-Drain PL8


Protecto-drain PL8 is installed vertically as a protection and dam proof layer in internal walls and subterranean structures. It is designed to securely hold up rendering and plastering
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Protecto-Drain 20


Protecto-drain 20 is a heavy duty membrane for use as a drainage, waterproofing and protection membrane in applications such as foundations, foundation walls, roads, tunnels and civil engineering projects.
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Protecto-Drain 20P


Wallbarn adapted one of its products to create protecto-drain20 for its green roof systems. It can hold water, prevent waterlogging, allow water to escape and help channel that water into where designers want it to go – all the elements needed for water control on green roofs.
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Protecto-tape is a double sided bitumen tape supplied to act as a high strength adhesive tape for sheet materials.
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Protecto-Drain – A15 Class Drainage Channel

Protecto-Drain – A15 Class Drainage Channel

Wallbarn’s new HDPE A15 drainage channel suitable pedestrian and lightly trafficked areas
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Protecto-Drain Plugs

Protecto-drain plugs help installers fix Protecto-drain dimpled membrane to a vertical surface.
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