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Protecto-drain 20 is a heavy duty membrane for use as a drainage, waterproofing and protection membrane in applications such as foundations, foundation walls, roads, tunnels and civil engineering projects.

Protecto-drain 20 is a 1mm thick HDPE membrane which gives it a higher level of puncture resistance and compression strength, which is useful for areas which have a higher level of traffic. The larger cup size of 20mm allows a larger amount of ground water to pass along the membrane. It is designed in an “egg-box” profile, so blockages are prevented and a greater amount of water can pass along the membrane. This profile also aids continuation of the membrane, as multiple sheets can be “clipped into place” by overlapping the cups and sealing the joints with adhesive tape.


It is ideal as a lining membrane on bridges and in tunnels, where the flexible and easy-to-bond nature of the material makes it easy to install, and it can cope with larger quantities of ground water and drainage quite easily.


The membrane will also not pollute the water running off in any way, which means that water can be directed, managed and recycled for a whole manner of uses. Such matters should be borne in mind by designers and specifiers when considering things such as public sector infrastructure projects and methodologies such as BREEAM. We consider Protecto-drain to be the best way to manage water beneath the ground.
It is an easy, fast way to seal building envelopes on new build.

In vertical applications it is very good as a waterproofing and protection layer between layers of concrete. Again, it is easy to install due to its flexible nature, and it can be bonded securely and watertight by overlapping the cups. 

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It is tough enough to tolerate a wet concrete pour without risk of damage. When installed between two layers of concrete its cupped profile ensures a constant air gap between the two concrete layers, meaning the fabric of the building is sealed at the sides, so there is not risk of damp creeping into the concrete even if the building is subterranean in part.


It is used extensively in horizontal installations beneath the initial concrete slab layers, where it is effective in preventing seepage water from below entering the foundations.


Rebar can be laid directly onto the membrane without damage and concrete can be poured directly onto it.

It is extremely easy to handle. Being so lightweight and coming in a variety of roll sizes, Protecto-drain 20 can be installed by one or two people. Please click the link here for more details.



Each individual sheet can be bonded together by overlapping the cups and sealing with tape, meaning the layer is completely waterproof. Since it is flexible, any undulations and imperfections in the ground below can be accommodated with risk to the seal.


For vertical installations it can be taped using double sided tape or mechanically fixed with nails and special waterproof plugs.

Protecto-drain 20 offers a much simpler, but often more effective way to manage and control subterranean water than many expensive systems and concepts. By sticking to simple principles of not stopping water but redirecting it, hydrostatic pressure points are prevented.

Remember, if you are constructing at or below the ground surface, you will never prevent water ingress. Instead think how you might best channel that water away from the structure.

Technical Data
Technical features Technical data Test Method
Material High density polyethylene (HDPE)  
Roll width 2 metres calibrated measuring tape
Roll length 20 metres calibrated measuring tape
Roll weight 1,000 gsm (±10%) calibrated thicknessmeasuring tape
Rolls per pallet 5  
Compression strength 180 kN per m2 MDV
Height of cups 20mm MDV
Air volume between the cups 14 litres per m2 MDV
Water drainage capacity 10 litres per m2 MDV
Temperature tolerance – 30°C to + 80°C MDV
Reaction to fire B2 (B1 available by special request) DIN 4102
Physical characteristics Rot-proof, resistant to fungus and bacteria. Will not leach chemicals. Not harmful to drinking water. No health hazards under normal use

Used as a mechanical protection against soil and root movement along foundation walls. It can be installed with a 20cm overlap and fixed with nails and sealing buttons 5 cm from the top edges of the roll and 20cm from each roll. Edging profile is installed to prevent soil ingress into the cavity. Maximum build-up 8 metres high.

Laid horizontally and fixed using sealing tape in the overlapping areas the sheets protect concrete flooring form rising damp and keep reinforcement mesh in place firmly during the concrete works.

Protect against prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and temperatures over 25 °C

When used in the correct manner and application, the material will be rot proof for 20 years. Wallbarn application rules and proper site storage, handling and installation practices must be carried out as a prerequisite for any possible future warranty claims.

No known dangerous substances

This datasheet represents the current knowledge of the product, but may be revised by Wallbarn in the future. It is the duty of the customer and installer to be clear that this product is suitable for the purposes it is used for.

This technical datasheet may be revised or changed at any time without prior notice. It is the duty of the customer and installer to be sure they possess the latest version of the datasheet.

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Wallbarn Protecto-drain is high density polyethylene (HDPE) cupped drainage sheeting which acts as a protection and drainage layer for waterproofed surfaces.