Protecto-Tape Double Sided Adhesive Tape

///Protecto-Tape Double Sided Adhesive Tape
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Protecto-tape is a double sided bitumen tape supplied to act as a high strength adhesive tape for sheet materials.

Protecto-Tape Protecto-tape is ideal for fixing Protecto-drain HPDE membrane to structural walls and floors, but is also ideal for bituminous sheets, polythene, ply and timber products and many other compatible products to a variety or surfaces.

This 2cm wide strip of bitumen adhesive tape is supplied in a roll 30 metres long, and is covered on both sides by a plastic slip foil.

Protecto-TapeIt is designed to bond sheet materials to walls and flat surfaces temporarily to hold the Protecto-drain in place before backfilling or pouring concrete.

It is the most suitable product to use for Protecto-drain. It is highly tacky and will grip the plastic membrane extremely well. It can even be bond to damp concrete, although it is recommended that the surface is clean and dry when bonding anything to it using Protecto-tape.

Simply pull a short piece of the tape away from the coil so that the black bitumen is exposed, and press the tape up against the structural surface, i.e. the concrete wall. Attach the tape along the whole length of the surface the installer wishes to bond and cut at the end point.


Then pull the plastic slip foil away from the tape so that only the black bitumen tape is exposed. Without delay, place the sheet material over the tape and press along the whole length so that it adheres to the tape properly.


Bonding sheet to sheet is carried out in the same way. Install a line of tape along the edge of one sheet of Protecto-drain at least 10cm in from the edge. Pull the slip foil away and press the next sheet into place, with the cups sliding into one another to give a smooth finish.


The cups are designed to slip into one another with no proud edge or lip showing. The tape will bond each sheet of HDPE membrane strongly enough to provide a waterproof seal between the sheets, so installers can be assured that a seamless layer of Protecto-drain can be installed across the entire area.