Protecto-Board Bituminous Membranes

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Wallbarn protecto-board is available as a bituminous membrane, for use as a protection against damage to waterproofing

This semi flexible board is a convenient way to ensure adequate protection to waterproofing membranes

against damage caused by site traffic, mechanical damage and ground settlement.

Made from a mixture of fibres saturated with at least 75% bitumen, Wallbarn Bituminous Protecto-board is completely waterproof and provides superior impact and abrasion resistance.

It is covered both sides by a polythene film, meaning it can be used on surfaces not normally compatible with bitumen. The film avoids the bitumen bleeding onto other surfaces or the boards sticking together during storage.

Our Bituminous Protecto-boards are ideal for vertical applications. They can also be heated with a blow torch and fixed to the substrate – the bitumen softening temporarily and bonding to it – so that the entire surface of the Protecto-board is
comprehensively adhered.

By being bonded there is no risk of water, dust or other particles passing through the joints and onto the membrane beneath.


It can be easily cut using a sharp knife and shaped around particular corners and details. This is very useful for protecting membranes around things such as outlets and upstands.

Wallbarn Bituminous Protecto-board is also fixed by butting the joints together and securing with a spot bond adhesive (on verticals) or taping over the joints with a strong double sided bitumen tape (for horizontal decks).
This is useful for temporary protection, where areas need to be guarded against following trades, and the boards taken up at a later date if required.

These boards are completely waterproof and rot proof. They can be immersed in water without risk of delaminating or compromising their performance.


We supply Wallbarn Bituminous Protecto-board in pallets of 200 sheets as standard.


It is recommended that they are stored out of direct sunlight. The boards will soften if they come into contact with hot membranes at temperatures above 150ºC.

Technical Data
Thickness EN 1849-1 mm 3.1 6.1
Dimensions EN 1848-1 m 2 x 1m 2 x 1m
Mass per units area EN 1849-1 kg/m2 4.09 8.34
Bitumen Content     >75% >75%
Softening Point     115-130°C 115-130°C
Polythene film   µ 15 15
Resistance to static loading (method A) EN 12730 kg 25 25
Resistance to impact EN12691 mm >700 >700
Puncture Resistance ASTM E – 154 N/mm 1,474N / 37mm 1,497N / 34mm
Watertightness to water EN 1928-1 kPa   >400

Tested in ISO 9001 certified laboratory 3/1/2013 and witnessed by Inspectorate International (Saudi Arabia) Ltd

Wallbarn offers strong, hard wearing protection boards made from both rubber and bituminous materials. Every type of membrane type and application can be adequately protected using Wallbarn products.

Wallbarn protecto-board is available as a bituminous membrane, for use as a protection against damage to waterproofing.