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Wallbarn’s new HDPE A15 drainage channel suitable pedestrian and lightly trafficked areas

Protecto-Drain Drainage Channel

It is designed to collect surface water off paved or asphalted areas and move that water away towards an underground drainpipe or escape route. The anti-slip, hardwearing galvanised steel grate maintains structural integrity across the area, so foot traffic and very light vehicles can pass over the drain without issue.


It has many applications:

  • domestic applications; such as driveways, gardens & patios
  • public areas; such as pedestrian walkways, door thresholds, squares, recreational areas, schools, parks and playing fields.

Our drainage channel is CE marked and fully certified to Load Class A15 BS EN 1433. It is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.

The Protecto-drain Drainage Channel is designed to be installed quickly and easily.

MeasurementsIt simply slots in front of the building entrance or within the paved / asphalt area and provides an un-obstructed channel cross-section. Each individual channel clips together for fast and simple on-site fabrication. It is very easy to cut on areas where a part-metre length is required. All slots and measurement grooves run the whole way through the channel so side bars can also be installed into cut channels successfully.

This 1 metre long fully assembled drainage channel has an integrated steel grid and the ingenious locking clip system, meaning it can be easily opened for inspection or cleaning.


Outer dimensions: 120mm high x 135mm wide
Inner dimensions: 90mm high x 100mm wide

  • Channel – High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Grate – galvanised steel

pd4Multiple channels can be fitted together to create a much longer drainage channel. It is easy to cut when coming to the end of the stretch or where installing on angled lines.

The system is ideal for a wide range of domestic and light traffic applications and is CE marked and fully certified to Load Class A15 BS EN 1433.

The unique design of Wallbarn’s Protecto-drain Drainage Channel is the boltless locking clips, which keeps the steel grate securely in place but allows for easy access to the gutter section, should the area need inspecting or cleaning, for example.


There are two points in the steel grate where a pointed implement can be pressed down to release the side locking clips. This allows users to lift the steel grate away from the channel easily. No screws or fixings are involved, just spring loaded clips. This is a major advantage over other A15 brands on the market.


Protecto-Drain Drainage Channel

An accessory pack for Protecto-drain Drainage Channel is also available. This includes the side bars to close the channel and a connecting bracket to fit to the underside of it, linking the channel to a drainpipe.


Complex plumbing is not required. If the channel needs to be linked to a plumbed-in option, the Ø110mm vertical outlet connector allows the unit to link directly to underground drainage pipework.


pd9Simply knock the centre out of the moulded connecting bracket on the underside with a hammer and place the connector over the exposed circular hole with the screw holes in the connecting bracket aligned to the holes in the channel.

Screw the connecting bracket into place then fix to the underground drainpipe.

Technical Data Sheet

Product: HDPE Drainage Channel measuring 1 metre in length with hot-dip coated steel grid and plastic end covers.

Application: Linear drainage channel for collecting and draining surface water on pedestrians and lightly trafficked areas.

General properties Technical Data Test Method
Width of channel (inside/outside) 100mm / 135mm Manufacturer’s declared value
Height of channel (inside/outside) 90mm / 120mm Manufacturer’s declared value
Free cross-section of the channel 100 x 90 mm Manufacturer’s declared value
Length of channel 1000 mm Manufacturer’s declared value
Unit weight of channel 1,250 kg Manufacturer’s declared value
Width of grid 124 mm Manufacturer’s declared value
Height of grid 20 mm Manufacturer’s declared value
Unit weight of grid 1.3 kg Manufacturer’s declared value
Cross section of outlet ø110 mm Manufacturer’s declared value
Load class A 15 (15kN = 1500kg testload) EN 1433


Storage: On pallets under dry conditions, protected against atmospheric exposure and heat sources.
Health & Safety: No labelling required in accordance with the relevant regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council (REACH).
Specification: EN 1433
Guarantee: In accordance with the current legislation and the conditions of the distributor. The observation of the application rules of the product and presentation of the invoice constitute a prerequisite for possible future warranty claims.


This datasheet corresponds to our current knowledge, experiences and general information on the subject, but may be revised as new knowledge and / experience becomes available. It does not imply any legally binding assurance or obligation. The product possesses the given characteristics. Please refer to the LIMITED WARRANTY TERMS offered by Wallbarn Ltd. Since all variations of end usage of the product cannot be anticipated, it is the designer and end users’ responsibility to ensure the suitability of this product for the particular purposes / installations.